How did it start for you?

Richie Caruso

How it started for me.

My father owned a gas station back in the ‘50’s. I used to work (actually, more like hung around) there on weekends. One of his customers owned a black ’57 Corvette 3 speed. I was always ready to fill-er-up every time it came in for gas. I was hooked.

As the years went by and the ‘60’s came along, my father had another customer who had a ’64 365 horse coupe. If I thought I was hooked before, I was now addicted. This thing was just plain gorgeous and I was now old enough to drive the owner to his office when he wanted to leave it for service. Life was good. Very good. Very, very good!!

A couple of fellow high school guys had mid-years (1963 thru 1967) Corvettes. I didn’t know the kids well at all but I sure studied the specs on their cars. Jealousy kicked in.

I had been working for a few years when, in 1973, I bought my first Corvette, a1967 327/350, 4 speed Marlboro Maroon convertible. We had a one car garage and my dad let me park the ‘Vette in it while his new Buick sat in the driveway.

They are great cars, a blast to drive, real attention getters and honestly, quite an ego trip. SAVE THE WAVE!!

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