How did it start for you?

Randy Schempp

When I was young my friend had a beat up 62 ‘Vette but it was fun to drive and I wanted one. I found a beautiful 65 from a private owner but the local bank would not give me a loan because I might become draft eligible. That ended it for me especially after Plymouth came out with the Roadrunner in ‘68 and I fell in love. I had every kind of Roadrunner possible, 3 to 4 @ a time. Hemi ,440, 4 speed, auto, convertible, Volare. Then kids came along and I sold them all except my beater Road Runner which just sat until my a friend convinced me to join a car club which had its Friday cruise at Arlington Plaza in Parsippany.

That’s when it started again for me. I became good friends with Greg Hetman who owned a Cuda and Roadrunner and his father Matt who owned a C-5. Greg purchased a C-4 convertible and invited me to visit an NGCA meeting.

I was so impressed with the welcoming my wife and I received from the club members that I wanted to join right away so I did. Problem, was, I knew little about Vettes. I purchased promo models and books on line to see what I liked. With club members advice and assistance I purchased an ‘80 needing reconditioning so I could learn hands on about Corvettes.

My wife and I enjoyed the club so much we purchased a more reliable 2002 C-5 so we can participate in more Club activities. Anyone who enjoys the company of top notch friendly car people should check out our club, you just might become a Corvette person like my wife and me.

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