How did it start for you?

Jim Loizides

My story goes back to 1964 when I was buying my new 1964 Chevy Chevelle SS Malibu coupe. My friends worked at Tremont Chevrolet dealership in the Bronx where I was buying the Chevelle. After we placed the order for the Yellow Chevelle, the 8 weeks passed and I got the call that my car was in. When it was time to pick up the Chevelle, my Dad and I went into the dealership to sign all the paperwork and give them the final payment. That is when my friends gave me the keys to a 1964 Stingray convertible in Silver Blue and said take this for a ride while we clean off your Chevelle. So I took the Silver Blue Corvette with a 300HP 4 speed for a ride and that is all it took. It seemed so fast to me and so cool to drive I knew I would not get over that first ride.

When I got back to the dealership I told my Dad that one day I will earn enough money to by a Corvette just like the one I test drove waiting for my Chevelle. It took me 32 years to buy my first Corvette in 1996, which was my 1994 Polo Green Coupe, then 4 years later I purchased my 2001 Corvette Convertible and had a Museum Delivery, then 5 years later in 2005 I bought my 1966 Corvette Stingray Roadster almost the same color Trophy Blue like the one I drove back in 1964. So the story worked it's way around 41 years for me to get my dream to come true and it was worth the wait.

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