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Magnuson Supercharger and Replacement Spare Tire for a '79 Corvette

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Question: I have been reading many articles, testimonials, and advertisements about the Magnuson supercharger, everything I've read so far has been positive. I subscribe to 5 corvette magazines and never have I heard a negative review. Does anyone in our club have knowledge of a good or bad situation regarding the Magnusen super chargers for C5's?


Sorry, no info available

Answer Submitted by – D.W.

Question: I have a ’79 coupe. I was looking for a replacement for the spare tire, and could not find one. I finally got one through the local Goodyear dealer who got it from a junk yard. Any ideas for a new one?


Try Coker Tire, they make repros on all of the old time tires. Coker may deal in rims too. You can probably find one at Carlisle, there should be plenty of originals and repros available.

Answer Submitted by - R.L.

Try Hemmings for the tire.

Answer Submitted by - W.H.

You can find the tire at

The following is a link to the 1979 Vette:

The rims..... I would try Mid-America, Ecklers, and the usual suspects, but be prepared to pay. Also I would not rule out Wheel Collision who has inventories of many different types of wheels.

Answer Submitted by - D.W.

Original tires are from the NRS Buy Lines or Hemmings. Coker Tire Co makes replacement tires. They even have the bias belt molds and make them on radial technology. The wheels are found the same places. I suppose the tire in question is a mini donut. Try those two sources.. Otherwise if they are looking for dates hit the junk yards particularly the Corvette specialty yards, There is one in Reading Pa and a few others Have them do an on-line search.

Answer Submitted by - W.D.

Conte’s corvettes in Vineland, NJ ( has many parts and might have a lead on a spare tire for the 79.

Answer Submitted by - E.S.

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